Melbourne = Love at First Sight

21st February to 1st March 2017

Let's get this out of the way first. We didn't make it to St. Kildas, mecca of all Irish people who come to Melbourne. Nor did we travel the Great Ocean Road. It's not that we didn't want to go to these places. It's just that we fell in love with Melbourne city centre, and fell into city life immediately. There was so much to do, see, taste, and explore that we couldn't pack it all in.

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Uluru: Good Times at Red Centre

18th to 20th February 2017

Here's the thing about Uluru: It's spectacular. I could write a whole article about how breathtaking it is. I even got sick of the sound of my voice saying "wow" and "amazing" while we were there. It is truly, truly awe-inspiring. We took a 3-day tour around Red Centre with Mulga's Adventures, and were lucky to have a guide, Ash, who knew so much about the history and geology of the area.

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East Coast Living

31st January to 17th February 2017

After Sydney and Byron Bay, we spent just over a month heading up the backpacker mecca of East Coast Australia. Our stops were Brisbane, Agnes Water (1770), Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands, Cairns, and Cape Tribulation. It was a whirlwind of good times and Greyhound buses.

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Byron by the Sea, or "we discover surfing"

27th to 31st January 2017

How to describe Byron Bay? Hippie, hipster heaven. Beachy and achingly stylish. Full of good food and sunshine. Home to a million coffee shops. Picturesque to the point of ridiculousness. Jam-packed with activities both in and out of the water. Yes, I think that's about right.

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(Second) Home Again to Sydney

19th to 27th January 2017

Sydney has been one of the trickiest places for me to write about, mostly because I'm so biased about this city that still feels like a home to me over 10 years since my short stint as a Sydneysider. The city is steeped in nostalgia for me, with every street and place reminding me of adventures from my early 20s. I'm sure I drove poor Nick mad pointing out favourite spots and telling him about things I used to do "that one time I lived in Sydney".

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