About New Zealand's South Island... they're not overselling it.

8th to 23rd March 2017

When you think of New Zealand's South Island, images of wineries, glaciers, rolling Middle Earth mountain ranges and fields of sheep pop into your head. When you mention you are going there, everyone goes "Oooooh it's unbelievably gorgeous!". People get very, very excited and expressive. Lots of exclamation marks enter their speech. Well, now having been there, we must add ourselves to the effusive bunch of New Zealand South Island fans.

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Kia Ora! New Zealand North Island

1st to 8th March 2017

Although technically the furthest we've ever been from home, New Zealand has felt the most familiar, the most like Ireland. I've always had a feeling I would love New Zealand, and after our first week exploring the North Island, I'm happy to confirm that I was right.

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