Saigon - A contrast of old and new that draws you in

16th to 21st November 2016

Our last stop in Vietnam, was Saigon.

Officially, it's now called Ho Chi Minh city after 'Uncle Ho', but every Vietnamese person we met assured us that it's still Saigon to them.

You hear mixed reports from visitors to Saigon, but I'm here to you that it's awesome.

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Hoi An - Glowing lanterns and good wishes

11th to 16th November 2016

A little sad to leave our lovely cruise and the limestone towers of Ha Long Bay, we boarded the overnight train from Hanoi to Danang. Arriving disheveled and in dire need of coffee and / or beer, we hopped a taxi for 5 days of Hoi An Happiness.

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Ha Long Bay - Enter the Descending Dragon

8th to 10th November 2016

After a brief first stop in Hanoi, we headed north to Ha Long Bay to cruise around this iconic national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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That time we fell in love with Vietnam

7th to 21st November 2016

Two days into our trip we were already firm friends with Vietnam.

Two weeks after we arrived, this smiling, colourful, and history-soaked country had gone and made us fall in love with it a bit.

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